S.No Name Of Student Guide Project Title Sector Link
1 Apporva R Bakul Rao Introduction of Natural Resource Sustainability in Decentralized Planning Agriculture Download Report
Mechanism for Local Assessment of Land Degradation: Case of Salt Affected Lands Download Report
2 Deshmukh Adavaita Nishikant Dr. Prasad Modak Dr. Satish Agnihotri Technology & Institutional models for Waste Collection and Processing in Urban Areas MGNREGA Download Report
Developing a Toolkit for Zero Waste Management at a Ward Download Report
3 Kiran Augustine Anand B. Rao Comparative Assessment of Lighting Alternatives Livelihood Download Report
Prof. N.C. Narayanan Prof. Anil Kottantharayil Assessment of activities for the state of Maharashtra under Maharashtra State Rural Livelihoods Mission (MSRLM) Assessment of Government Scheme - MSRLM Download Report
4 Nataraj Bhat Bakul Rao Environmental Impact Assessment of Agriculture - An LCA Approach Energy Download Report
Life Cycle Assessment of Sugarcane Cultivation Download Report
5 Patil Sameer Bhaskarrao Narendra G. Shah Briquetting Alternatives for Bagasse in Jaggery Units Energy Download Report
Design, Fabrication and Testing of Bagasse Briquetting machine Download Report
6 Pavitra Sharma Narendra G. Shah Beneficiation of Waste From Fruit And Vegetable Processing Industry Livelihood Download Report
Extraction of Bioactive compounds from Mango Peel and Techno-Economic Analysis for Pilot Scale Model Download Report
7 Soumya Jain Anand B. Rao Comparative Assessment of Brick making Alternatives Agriculture - Processing Download Report
Supply Chain Analysis of Leaf Plates Download Report
8 Vishal Kumar Mishra Milind A. Sohoni “Drinking Water Security” A Conceptual Framework for Policy Assessment tool of Rural Drinking Water Supply Schemes at Taluka level Ecology and Environment Download Report