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PhD Admissions 2017

Relevant Dates:

Availability of online application forms starts on: September 1, 2017

Last Date for submission of application forms:October 16, 2017

Display of candidate list for written test/or interview: October 27, 2017

Written test and Interview: December 5, 2017

Declaration of result: December 15, 2017

Payment of fees on or before: December 22, 2017

Registration and Orientation Programme (tentative): January (1-3), 2018

Instruction begins (tentative): January 4, 2018

Eligibility Criteria:

First Class or 60% marks (55% marks for SC/ST), as specified in the General eligibility criterion in the qualifying degree which can be:

  1. M.Tech./M.E. or equivalent degree in any branch of Engineering

  2. B.Tech./B.E. or equivalent degree in any branch of Engineering or

  3. M.Sc. or equivalent degree in any discipline. 

 Exam and Interview Process:

  1. Shortlisted Candidates will be invited for a written test on  December 5th,2017. This is a general test which does not require any specific preparation. Some questions may be based on the Reading Material specified in a section below.

  2. List of students selected through test will be displayed by ~1:00 pm and interviews will be held that same afternoon .

Reading Material:

  1. Randers Future 2052 : https://goo.gl/mIbtKK
  2. Economic Consequences of Nehru: https://goo.gl/3gU0eC
  3. Slumming It - The Baffler: https://goo.gl/SIWybJ
  4. Technology design as if development mattered: https://goo.gl/McaX7H

Admission Categories:

Please refer to the PhD Admissions Brochure.

Things to bring to exam and interview:

  1. SOP

  2. Research proposal

  3. GATE score card (For direct PhD admissions)

  4. Master’s Thesis

  5. Non-scientific calculator

  6. Cell phones are not allowed

 *For other details please refer PhD Admissions Brochure.