Name Designation Email Phone Image Research Interests
Prof. A. W. Date Chair Professor ( Adjunct) (022)-2576-7517

Heat Transfer, Thermodynamics and Energy Conversion, Energy Systems, Appropriate Technology

Prof. Amit Arora Associate Professor (022) 2576 7293

Bioenergy, Bioprocessing, Downstream Processing, Food Processing, Membrane separations, Process Design and Development, Microwave Technology, Paper and Pulp Engineering

Prof. Anand B. Rao Professor (022)-2576-7877

Energy and Environment, Climate Change, Carbon Capture and Sequestration, Renewable and Energy Efficiency, Sanitation and Waste Management, Rural electrification, Energy Policy and Planning, Technology Assessment

Prof. Bakul Rao Associate Professor (022)-2576 7830

Environmental impact framework for rural areas, State of environment studies, Field assessments & remediation, Matrix characterization, Climate change

Prof. Milind A. Sohoni Professor (022)-2576-7729

Combinatorial Optimization, Mathematical Programming, Algorithms, Drinking Water for Rural Areas

Prof. N. C. Narayanan Professor (022)-2576-7842

Water Policy and Governance, Environment and Development (Political Ecology), Scaling Up technology Alternatives, Development Theory, Public Policy, Decentralisation and Local Governance, Trans disciplinary Research (Concept and Practice)

Prof. N. G. Shah Professor (022)-2576-7874

Post Harvest Process Engineering, Small Scale Renewable Energy Applications and Agro-based Industrial Development

Prof. Pankaj Sekhsaria Associate Professor 00000000

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Prof. Pennan Chinnasamy Assistant Professor (022)-2576-7297

Surface water and groundwater modeling, water accounting and budgeting, remote sensing and climate change impact on water resources.

Prof. Priya Jadhav Assistant Professor 022 - 2576 7291

Rural Electrification,  Energy efficiency, Energy usage in irrigation:Technology and Farmer behavior, Solar Photovoltaics, Organizational models in electricity distribution

Prof. Satish B. Agnihotri Professor and Head of the Department, (022) 2576 7870

Child malnutrition, Renewable Energy and Energy Policy, Gender, Rural development and technology scale up, Use of Mapping Techniques in social Sector planning, Public Policy

Prof. Subodh Wagle Professor (022)2576 7290

Analysis of On-Ground Performance of Public Policies, Policy and Institutional Dimensions of Solar Technology Dissemination, Analysis of Regulatory Governance in India, Urban Water Issues

Prof. Vishal R. Sardeshpande Associate Professor (Adjunct), (022) 2256 7294

Thermal engineering and heat transfer, Product development, Energy efficiency and benchmarking, Solar energy, Social enterprise, Technology for rural MSME (Micro small medium enterprises), Biogas / biomass systems