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Intercation session with Dr Ravi Chopra (Director, PSI)

Intercation session with Dr Ravi Chopra (Director, PSI)
Event Date: 
Friday, 4 November 2016 - 3:45pm

CTARA seminar -this intercative session is arranged by Prof. Anand B Rao.

Dr Ravi Chopra (Director of People's Science Institute, Dehra Doon and aManaging Trustee of Himalaya Foundation, New Delhi) will be visiting IITBtomorrow for interact with the students and faculty members.

About Dr. Ravi Chopra:

A recipient of IIT-Bombay's 2012 Distinguished Alumnus Award, Dr Ravi Choprais Member, Development Staff at People's Science Institute,Dehra Doon. The Institute is a non-profit public interest research anddevelopment organization, known for its pioneering work in the areas of water resources management, environmental quality monitoring, disastermitigation and conservation of rivers.

Between October '13 and April '14 Dr Chopra chaired an Experts Body to examine the environmental damage caused by hydropower dams in Uttarakhand.It was appointed by India's Ministry of Environment and Forests on the orderof the Supreme Court. Between 2009 and 2013 he was an Expert Member of the National Ganga River Basin Authority chaired by then Indian Prime Minister,Dr. Manmohan Singh. Dr Chopra has served on various committees of the UnionMinistries of Rural Development and Water Resources, India's Planning Commission and the state governments of Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh.Recognizing that redressal of the problems that he works on is often in the hands of legislators, Dr. Chopra maintains regular contact with the seniorleaders of India's various political parties at the state and nationallevels.As a researcher, Ravi Chopra has focused on the interactions betweentechnology and society and, environment and development. He first received national recognition when he helped produce the first citizens' report onThe State of India's Environment in 1982. This report was criticallyacclaimed as "a unique effort anywhere in the world". His analysis of India's water requirements in the 21st century has also attracted attention.It specifies the nature of India's water crises and sustainable methods forresolving them.

His present research interests are focused on the protection and regeneration of Himalayan rivers in India. He has authored orco-authored 19 special reports and books. He has published more than 30papers and articles. Occasionally he teaches courses at reputed institutions.Ravi Chopra began working in the field of rural development while he was astudent at IIT-B in the 1960s. Since then he has helped establish severalpioneering organizations. The issues addressed by them include involving youth in India's development, using science and technology for empoweringthe poor, protection of democratic and human rights, rehabilitatingsurvivors of natural and human-made disasters and creative education of children, including the mentally handicapped. He serves on the boards ofwell-known voluntary organizations. He is a popular speaker on the lecturecircuit in India and abroad. Born on April 14, 1947, Dr Chopra did his doctoral research in Metallurgical& Materials Engineering at Stevens Institute of Technology, New Jersey. Heis married to Jo McGowan, a Massachusetts-born activist. They have three wonderful children. They live in Dehra Doon in a house that has a 40kilolitres roof rainwater harvesting tank.

You can see more details about PSI at: http://peoplesscienceinstitute.org/


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IIT Bombay, Powai, Mumbai