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Seminar on "How do people coexist with wild carnivores in the high Himalaya?"

Seminar on "How do people coexist with wild carnivores in the high Himalaya?" by Dr Saloni Bhatia
Abstract The talk will focus on some of the findings as well as the ongoing challenges and opportunities of a study to enhance human-wildlife coexistence and secure rural livelihoods in this Trans-Himalayan landscape.  The role of religion and folklore in shaping peoples’ attitudes and values towards wildlife is used to develop an interdisciplinary understanding of what affects people’s relationship with two large carnivores – the snow leopard Panthera uncia and the wolf Canis lupus – in the high-altitude region of Ladakh, India. The research involved interacting with various social groups, which enabled a better appreciation of the unique socio-political context which has shaped and continues to shape human-wild carnivore interactions in the region.   Speaker Bio Saloni Bhatia is an interdisciplinary researcher with an interest in understanding the dynamics of the human-wildlife interface. She completed her PhD from the Nature Conservation Foundation (Mysore) and Manipal University. She is trained in sustainability science and biodiversity conservation and management. She loves exploring the Himalaya and has spent over a decade working in the high-altitude landscapes of India.  
Event Date: 
Tuesday, 11 February 2020 - 5:30pm to 7:00pm
LC 301
IIT Bombay, Powai, Mumbai