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Seminar:"Back to the Basics to March Ahead" by Dr Sangeeta Kohli

Seminar:"Back to the Basics to March Ahead" by Dr Sangeeta Kohli (Professor, Dept of Mechanical engineering, IIT Delhi )
Event Date: 
Friday, 27 January 2017 - 3:45pm

     As our technical capabilities flourish, many a times, as a society weforget some of the basic questions, like, "Where we started from, with whatobjectives, why we took the path that we did and is that path serving the basic goals that we started with?" This talk will throw some light on therelevance of these questions in the context of the increasing efforts tofind solutions to some of the major problems being faced by the society.The same idea of asking the basic questions will be extended to the process of applying the technical know-how for the upliftment of theunderprivileged. The talk will emphasize the fact that whether we work on high end technology for applications like space, nuclear etc, or developtechnologies suitable for rural applications, both of these need a strongunderstanding of the fundamentals for their success.In short, at every step, we need to remember our basics if we want to march ahead as a society.


         Dr Sangeeta Kohli is a Professor of Mechanical engineering Department, IIT Delhi. She is also the Associate Dean, Student Welfare ofIIT Delhi. She teaches an interesting course named Human Values and Technology at IIT D. Prof. Sangeeta Kohli, has been actively involved withrural technology for many years.


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IIT Bombay, Powai, Mumbai