Project Background

Thakkar Bappa Yojana or Thakkar Bappa Integrated Tribal Habitation Improvement Programme Scheme (hereinafter referred to as TBY) is a program of Tribal Development Department, Government of Maharashtra started in 2004-05 for integrated development of tribal habitations in the state through community-level works. The program was expanded to all habitations with more than 50% tribal population in 2007, across the state, including all rural/urban Tribal Sub Plan (TSP), Modified Area Development Approach (MADA), mini Modified Area Development Approach (mini MADA) and areas outside Tribal Sub Plan (TSP). The program focuses on providing community-level facilities to habitations with tribal majority. The interventions/works under the scope of TBY include internal and connecting road (bitumen, concrete, etc.), cross drainage work (pipe bridge, mori and sakaw), various building works (Samaj mandirSmashanbhoomi, gym, public toilet), dug well/bore well, protection wall, boundary wall, concrete gutter, piped water supply scheme, etc.The Technology and Development Solutions Cell (TDSC), at Centre for Technology Alternatives for Rural Areas (CTARA), Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IIT-B) was empanelled by Palghar District Collector for conducting a third-party evaluation of the works sanctioned under Thakkar Bappa Yojana from 2012-15 in Palghar district, through an agreement signed in November 2016.

The scope of the work 

The third party evaluation of the works conducted by TDSC is limited to the structural level assessment of all civil works sanctioned under TBY in all the 8 talukas of Palghar district during the aforementioned period.

Intended Outcomes

The intended outcomes of the third-party evaluation are:

  • Success indicators and methodology used to assess the implementation of the program
  • GIS maps locating all civil works evaluated by TDSC (except for overlaid and non-existing works)
  • Technical evaluation report of all civil works

Principal Investigator 

  • Prof. Om Damani
  • Prof. Purushottam Kulkarni

TDSC team:

  • Vinayak Dubey
  • Shubham Bankhele
  • Deepak Karwa
  • Nishank Irabatti
  • Chetan Fulaware
  • Shoyeb Ansari
  • Mahesh Labade
  • Vijay Gonugade
  • Digvijay More

Documents, updates and outputs

  • Agreement for Third Party Audit of Thakkar Bappa Yojana(pdf)

  • Procedure to be followed for assessment of structures

    • Bitumen Road (pdf)
    • Concrete Road (pdf)
    • Culvert (pdf)
    • Dug well (pdf)
    • Gym (pdf)
    • Public water supply (PWS) (pdf)
    • Mangal Karyalaya
    • Borewell 
    • Smashan Bhoomi (pdf)​