The CSR Study Unit is a joint project between Department of Public Enterprises, Government of India and Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, set up recently with the objective to analyse the trends in CSR policy and its implementation for Central Public Sector Enterprises, along with emerging issues in HR, policy, programme implementation, monitoring and evaluation, and other domains.  The Unit also, inter alia carries out an annual survey of CSR implementation by CPSEs, identifies scalable best practices and creates a shelf of best practices and creates a shelf of credible CSR proposals. It also explores CSR support for social entrepreneurs with a technology background.  

The CSR Study Unit is housed at the Centre for Technology Alternatives in Rural Areas (CTARA), IIT Bombay. CTARA's teaching and research include an overview of development issues, resource analysis, rural needs assessment, technological intervention and impacts, and has been working in the field of CSR for the past few years. This expertise of CTARA helps CSR Study Unit to carry out academic research in CSR for Public Sector Enterprises and provide relevant solutions.

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