Project Title Research Theme Professors Year
Adapting to Climate Change in Urbanizing Watersheds Water Pennan Chinnasamy 2012-13
Water Allocation in the Koshi Basin – Koshi Basin Programme Water Pennan Chinnasamy 2015
Building Climate Resilience of Watersheds in Mountain Eco-Regions Water Pennan Chinnasamy 2015-18
Kaligandaki Hydropower Plant Rehabilitation Project Catchment Management for Sediment Retention Water Pennan Chinnasamy 2016
South Asia Water Initiative (SAWI) Water Pennan Chinnasamy 2016-18
Citizen Science for ecology in India Citizen Science Pankaj Sekhsaria 2019 onwards
Understanding human wildlife conflict in rural areas: costs and implications and solutions Human-wildlife conflict Pankaj Sekhsaria 2020 onwards
Understanding and documenting frugal/grassroots innovation Grassroots innovation Pankaj Sekhsaria 2010 onwards
Study to examine agricultural consumption in Maharashtra Energy Priya Jadhav 2016-17
Design and analysis of a pilot project for power factor improvement on agricultural feeders. Energy Priya Jadhav 2016-17
Evolving and Articulating Technology-based Innovations for Enhancing Access to Water and Sanitation of BoBoP (Base of the Bottom of Pyramid) Sections of Society in the Slums of Mumbai City Water and Sanitation Subodh Wagle 2018-19
Evaluation study of Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana (PMGSY) in Maharashtra State Monitoring and Evaluation Bakul Rao 1 year
Evaluation study of Hilly Area Development Program in (HADP) in Maharashtra State Monitoring and Evaluation Bakul Rao 1 Year
Assessment and inputs to National Evaluation Policy and Systems Monitoring and Evaluation Bakul Rao 2018-23