TDSL topics for Spring Semester 2023-24, CLICK HERE.

CTARA, IIT Bombay offers a sequence of Supervised Learning courses under the Technology and Development umbrella at the undergraduate level. These courses offer the students an opportunity to work on a live project, urban or rural, which involves direct interaction and interface with the larger society and stakeholders.

All the projects offered through TDSL fall under 3 broad categories- Study, Analysis and Design. The output of the project could be in the form of policy recommendations and studies, protocols or design solutions. Projects are floated by the faculty members and student interested in a particular topic may directly approach to work with the faculty member on the project.

Project topics should satisfy three broad criteria:
  1. Core interests of the bottom 80%
  2. Basic sectors such as food, energy, water, public health, public policy.
  3. Must have a concrete outside stake-holder who would be interested in the outcome of the project. These could be NGOs, govt. officials, elected representatives, or even citizen groups.
CTARA will match student interests with topics and assist the execution of the projects in all ways such as:
  • Provide a framework for execution, reporting and evaluation.
  • Provide liaison with NGOs, govt. agencies, etc. wherever possible.
  • Provide reimbursement for travel and food to a limited extent

It is expected that for a 6-credit course student spends at least 50 hours of on-campus desk work and 5-6 days of field work.

Instructions for signing up:

  1. Read all topic descriptions and objectives in the Link.

  2. For topics, that you are interested in, write to the concerned faculty guide offering the topic. You will very likely have to meet the faculty guide to finalize mutual interest.

  3. If they agree to take you on board, print and fill out the form which is available here. Fill it out and get it signed by the faculty guide. Send a scanned copy of that form to Forms of all students in a group should be sent in a single email.

  4. Register online for TD 390, TD 490, or TD 491 as appropriate (390 is a prerequisite for 490, and 490 for 491). Your registration will be approved Only if you fulfill the criteria and follow the procedure mentioned here. You will get an email regarding the status of your registration. Else, your registration will not be approved.

  5. No more than 3 students per project and no more than 6 students under a guide for all of a faculty guide's projects together.

  6. Students must have a minimum CPI of 6.5

  7. If you have any doubts about the registration process, please send an email to

For the online registration follow the institute procedure and timeline. Completed TDSL forms that are signed by the Guide, to be emailed to by 10th January 2024


Co-ordinator: Prof. Priya Jadhav ( )
Office: F-01 1st Floor, Old CSE Building (adjacent to Math Building)
Phone: x7291



Report templates for enrolled TDSL students - Download upon registration

  1. Field visit report template - submit one for each visit (.docx)
  2. Mid-semester report guidelines (.pdf)
  3. Final report template (.pdf)

Other guidelines

  • Reimbursement guidelines for visits - (.pdf)
  • TDSL grading guidelines for faculty: (.pdf).

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