Project Background

On 15th June 2015, the Government of Maharashtra issued a Government Resolution (GR) No. 1114 that lists guidelines for a mandatory third party technical evaluation of on-going (planed/under-construction) rural water supply (RWS) schemes in the state. Thane Zilla Parishad contacted the IIT Bombay and expressed interest in empaneling the institute as the third party evaluator for the Thane district to raise the work standard of rural water supply schemes. Thane Zilla Parishad empaneled Technology and Development Cell (TDSC) as third-party evaluator in Thane district to improve Rural Water Supply Schemes (RWSS). The broad aim behind this is improving sustainability, efficiency and equitability of these schemes. 

A scanned copy of the signed agreement is here (pdf).

Scope of the work 

  1. IIT Bombay will conduct a technical evaluation of all the rural water supply schemes in a list of schemes that is mutually agreed upon by both IIT Bombay and Thane ZP at the start of the engagement. The schemes include: 32 schemes under NRDWP and 7 schemes under MPY.
  2. The technical evaluation will be done in two phases. First evaluation will be done after 30% completion of the work. The second evaluation will be done after 70% completion of the work.
  3. A final evaluation report of all schemes assessed will be given to the CEO, Thane district, at the end of the project. Interim reports for different stages of completion (planning, construction, complete) will also be submitted.



  • Note of Association signed between CTARA and the Civil Engineer departments of SPCE and VJTI for collaborations on projects related to rural water supply (pdf)
  • MoU signed between CTARA and Thane ZP (pdf)

Government Resolutions (GR)

  • NEW GoM WSSD Government Resolution (GR) mandating third party technical inspection of rural water supply schemes by IITs/regional colleges/MJP etc          (pdf - marathi)     (pdf - english) 
    •  Presentation summarizing new GR (by TDSC) (pdf)
  • GR on modified instructions for implementing NRDWP (2010) - Marathi version (pdf) 
  • GR on modified instructions for implementing NRDWP (2014)  (pdf - marathi)     (pdf - english)

 Related CTARA projects

  • Regional rural water supply schemes
      •  Redesign of Khardi Multi-Village Rural Piped Water scheme for Sustainability (pdf)
  • Multi-village water supply schemes
      • Sugve Water Scheme: Multi-village drinking water scheme analysis (pdf)
  • Single-village water supply schemes
      • Tadwadi-Morewadi Piped Drinking Water Scheme - Failure Analysis (pdf)


Other Scheme: Vajreshwari-Ganeshpuri

The Vajreshwari-Ganeshpuri scheme was constructed in 1972 and serves habitations in three gram panchayats (GP): Ganeshpuri, Vajreshwari, and Akaloli. The scheme is currently functional but unable to fully meet the existing demand on it. Residents from most habitations in the scheme complain of poor service levels, but Ganeshpuri faces the greatest shortfall since it is growing tourist destination at the tail end of the scheme. Thane Zilla Parishad (ZP) is operating the scheme and is considering options to increase the service levels to match current demand. Click here for Project Report (pdf)