• What is TDSC?

Technology and Development Solutions Cell is a resource center for providing technology solutions for development problems.

  • Goals of TDSC

TDSC focuses all its activities to further at least one of the following three goals:

  1. Enable students to seek opportunities in the development sector (the supply side)

  2. Establish business and collaboration models (the demand side, 'market' for knowledge products)

  3. Enable adoption of practice oriented engineering pedagogy (the outreach component)

  • Organisational structure

TDSC operates as a CTARA project under IIT Bombay's Industrial Research and Consulting Centre (IRCC), with a principal investigator and co-principal investigators. All the projects under TDSC are independent projects under IRCC with their own PI and Co-PI. All the hiring, purchases, expenditures, billings done by TDSC follow IRCC norms.

  • Ownership and access to TDSC content

TDSC intends for all its output to be in the public domain under the Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike License. Any reports produced by TDSC which is governed by non-disclosure contracts with clients is not put in the public domain. Thus, for a typical project, primary data, methodology, tools, etc. owned by TDSC is made public for further use, adoption and improvement. The final output reports submitted and owned by the client are not made public without explicit permission from the client.