Under the guidance of Prof. Pennan Chinnasamy, CTARA’s M. Tech second-year student Aman Srivastava became 2 nd Runner-up winning the cash award of Rs 10,000 at 5 days Design Camp Competition on Redefine the Future of Urban Lakes” organized by Centre for Urban Water Resources (CURE), DHAN Foundation, Madurai, Tamil Nadu between Jan 7 to 12, 2020. It was expected from the participant to develop various design for restoration of urban lakes/tanks with focus on Vandiyur tank cascade of Madurai City. The proposed design considered the parameters like community first, conserving the living heritage, hydraulic and hydrologic safety, cost-effectiveness, self -revenue-generating, and defining the sustainability of the design in the urban/modern context. The proposal included the ideas such as construction and repair of the functionality of the lake (sedimentation tank, waste stabilization pond, bund strengthening, construction of wetlands, managed aquifer recharge techniques), social entrepreneurship for the stakeholders of the lake (charcoal/manure market, silt market, grass/fodder market), education and awareness of the residents in the vicinity of the lake (self-learning centers, marathons),  improving the water quality (root zone technology, bio-retention pond, biomedical waste treatment, concepts on open defecation free lake), and quantitative data collection and management (climate station, wireless monitoring systems).