S.No Name Of Student Guide Project Title Sector Link
1 Suparna Jain Prof. S.M.Wagle State water policies in India: A comparative analysis Water Download Link
Performance assessment of urban water systems Download Link
2 Kalyan Ramdas Tanksale Prof. A.B.Rao Sustainability assessment of livelihoods for tribal communities in Maharashtra Livelihood Download Link
Participatory system dynamics modeling of energy use and livelihoods of a forest dwelling community Download Link
3 Joshi Rahul Raghvendra Prof. S.M.Wagle Comparative analysis of IT policies of different states in India:
Understanding strategies for using IT for governance & development
ICT Download Link
Study of System of Generation and Maintenance of Data of Irrigation Projects Download Link
4 Sawant Suryakant Ashok Prof. Adinarayanan Remote Sensing and GIS for micro level planning GIS Download Link
Geospatial technologies and system dynamics for micro level natural resources planning Download Link
5 Srinivas Rajaram Prof. S.Jadhav Alternative methods of treating a selected disease: Lung Cancer Health Download Link
Prof. Bakul Rao Biodiversity & biochemical prospecting of drugs of natural origin – A case of phyllanthus niruri Download Link
6 Arun Kumar Tyagi Prof. N.G.Shah Value addition to Food Products Food security, Food processing and malnutrition Download Link
Value addition to the groundnut de-oiled cake from tel-ghani Download Link