S.No Name Of Student Guide Project Title Sector Link
1 Apoorva Shridhar Gadre Prof. A W Date Water fetching activity- An ergonomic perspective Water Download Link
Development and Validation of a Drudgery Reducing Device “Bailya” for Women for Fetching Water Download Link
2 Vivek K. Prof. A.B.Rao Comparative Assessment of suitability of Solar PV and Solar Thermal routes to Rural Electrification Energy Download Link
Decision support system for Off-Grid PV Applications in Rural Area Download Link
3 Ritam Sanyal Prof. N.G.Shah Physical, chemical and biological properties of soil to monitor soil health ICT Download Link
Development and testing of soil nitrate nitrogen Sensor Download Link
4 Kirubaharan J. Prof. Milind Sohoni Analysis of rural drinking water scheme Water Download Link
Prof. Bakul Rao/
Prof. P Modak
Use of FOSS Platforms for Integrated Water Management Planning: A Case Study of Warana River Download Link
5 Shelat Harit Ketan Prof. S.M.Wagle Use of AHP and Linear Programming for fund allocation for electricity generation for the case of India Energy Download Link
Prof. S.M.Wagle/ Prof. Milind Sohoni Sustainability of Urban Water Systems: Towards Evolving Technical and Regulatory Guidelines for RWH: Case of Mumbai City Water Download Link
6 Jayakrishnan M. Prof. N C Narayanan Innovation for Universal Elementary Education: Analysis of Performance of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyaan in Maharashtra Education Download Link
Information and Communication Technology Interventions in School Education: Lessons from Kerala Experience Download Link
7 Soudagar Md. Ilyas Md. Amjad Prof. S B Agnihotri ‘Delivering PDS grain by Vending Machine’- Is it an Out-of-Box Solution? ICT Download Link
Prof. S B Agnihotri / Prof. N G Shah Design and Build a Functional Prototype of Grain Vending Machine: An Innovation For Public Distribution System Download Link
8 Yaparla Deepthi Prof. Bakul Rao Comparison of household technologies for treating drinking water Water Download Link
Prof. A B Rao Assessment of Household Level Drinking Water Treatment Technologies Download Link