Name Of Student Guide Project Title Sector Link
Abhishek Naidu   Chetan S Solanki                  Priya Jadhav Remote Monitoring for Solar Photovoltaic Systems using GSM Voice Channel Energy Download Report
Haripriya Gundimeda            Priya Jadhav Factors affecting the adoption of Microgrids in Rural India Download Report
Abhiram Sahasrabudhe N.C. Narayanan Assessment of EIA process for large hydropower dams - A study in Uttarakhand Ecology and Environment Download Report
N.C. Narayanan Threat to mangroves in Mumbai Metropolitan Region - Mapping Environmental Governance for conservation action Download Report
Aparna Surve Narendra G. Shah To Study the Extent of Childhood Malnutrition in Thane District Malnutrition Download Report
Narendra G. Shah Developing indigenous supplementary nutritious food products to treat children with Moderate Acute Malnutrition (MAM) Download Report
Arunabha Majumdar Milind Sohoni                      Vishal Sardeshpande Design and implementation of a solution for clean drinking water in Gudhvanwadi Drinking Water Download Report
Milind Sohoni Designing a clean drinking water solution for Gudwanwadi Village Download Report
Dharmendra Kumar Bakul Rao                              Amit Arora Assessment of Food Safety Issue in Dairy Sector Dairy Download Report
Bakul Rao                             Amit Arora Design & Development of A Framework for
Quality Animal Feed in the Dairy Sector: A case of Warana Dairy
Download Report
Gautham P Narendra G.Shah                        G. Ramakrishnan Identification of hurdles involved in transition from chemical to organic farming Agriculture NA
Narendra G.Shah                         G. Ramakrishnan Comparative study of nutritional status and its determinants in two tribal villages of Maharashtra NA
Karishma Bhuyan Amit Arora                          Bakul Rao Exploration of value added products from arecanut husk Agriculture NA
Amit Arora                          Bakul Rao Bioethanol production from arecanut husk NA
Kolanupaka Kartheek Purushottam Kulkarni     Priya Jadhav Accessing and Improving Energy Efficiency of Rural Piped Water Supply Systems Energy NA
Purushottam Kulkarni     Priya Jadhav Accessing and Improving Energy Efficiency of Rural Piped Water Supply Systems Download Report
Mohini Joshi    S B Kedare                       Anand B Rao Feasibility analysis of solar pump installation at a borewell in a rural setup Energy NA
Priya Jadhav                                 Vishal Sardeshpande Operational Efficiencies of small
Irrigation Pumping systems
Download Report
Nishant Maloo Bakul Rao Decentralized Planning Experiments: Case of Chikurde Planning in Gram Panchayat level Download Report
Bakul Rao Strengthening "Micro Planning" Process through Developing Planning Tools for Gram Panchayats Download Report
Prashantha G Bakul Rao Use of Remote Sensing and GIS in Integrated Solid Waste Management - Stage 1 Waste Management - Ecology and Environment Download Report
Use of Remote Sensing and GIS in Integrated Solid Waste Management - Stage 2 Download Report
Roshan S. NC.Narayanan A Protocol for Performance Evaluation of Jalanidhi (Rural Drinking Water) Programme in Kerala Drinking water Download Report
NC.Narayanan Deployment of a Designed Protocol for Evaluation Of The Performance Of Jalanidhi (Rural Drinking Water) Project in Kerala Download Report
* NA - Not Available