S.No. Name of Student Guide Project Title Sectore Link
1 Aditya Thangiam Prof. Anand B.Rao Prof. Suryanarayana Doolla Convergence Models for Microgrids and Grid for Rural India.    Download Report
Future of Microgrids: Convergence Models for Microgrids and Grid for Rural India.   Download Report
2 Anamika M P Prof. N G Shah Nutrition Security through Crop Planning.   Download Report
Alternative food formulations from local resources for women and children in the tribal regions of Nandurbar.   Download Report
3 Anshul Singh Prof. Bakul Rao Behaviour of farmers’ towards soil health card programme in Pune district.   Download Report
Study of feasibility of Rabi crop with best practices concerning water management in Jawhar.   Download Report
4 Anwesha Lahiri Prof. Rinti Banerjee
Prof. Satish Agnihotri
Tackling Maternal And Child Anaemia: An Analysis Of Fortification Strategies   Download Report
Tackling Maternal And Child Anaemia: An Analysis Of Fortification Strategies   Download Report
5 Archita Vyas Prof. Satish B. Agnihotri Swachh Bharat Abhiyan-
Assessing The Effectiveness Of The Excessive Emphasis On Physical Infrastructure At The Ground Level
  Download Report
MANUAL SCAVENGING- What Happens If The Swaccha Bharat Mission Succeeds?   Download Report
6 AYUSH KUMAR Prof. NC NARAYANAN Suboptimal Performance Of Swachh Bharat Mission-Gramin In North Bihar: Can Iec Strategies Be A Way Out?   Download Report
Understanding The Role Of Information Education
Communication (Iec) In Streamlining Swachh Bharat
Mission (Sbm) With An Emphasis On The Panchayati Raj
Institution (Pri)-Self Help Group (Shg) Convergence
  Download Report
7 Rapeti Divya Venkata Gowri Prof. Pennan Chinnasamy Analysis Of Forest Cover Estimation Methods In India   Download Report
Forest Cover Estimates, Transition And Role Of Commercial
Plantations – A Case Study Of Kanniyakumari District, Tamil_Nadu.
  Download Report
8 Girish Ramesh Chandankar Prof. Pennan Chinnasamy
 Prof. Satish Agnihotri
Development Of Low-Cost Water Hyacinth Harvester For Rehabilitation Of Rural Lakes And Ponds   Download Report
Design Of Small Scale Water Hyacinth Harvester And Assessment
Of Biogas Generation From Batch Digestion Process.
  Download Report
9 Dubey Himanshu Yogeshkumar Prof. Anand B. Rao
Prof. Jayendran Venkateswaran
Developing A Framework To Analyze The Socio-Economic Dynamics Of Access To Electricity In Rural Areas   Download Report
Examining The Placement Gaps Under DDU-GKY And Identifying The Reasons.   Download Report
10 Hitesh Kumar Mahawar Prof. Milind V Rane
 Prof. Anand B Rao
Development And Deployment Of Absorption Type Fish Hold Cooling System For The Trawlers Used By Marginal Fishermen.   Download Report
Amit Arora FPO In Custard Apple Processing: A Case Study   Download Report
11 J Jeffrey Immanuel Prof. N. C. Narayanan Mapping The Evolution Of Aquaculture And Its Interaction With The Social, Economic And Environment Systems   Download Report
Amidst Evolving Human Geographies: Learning To Walk Against The Tide   Download Report
12 Manasi Bhopale Prof. Milind Sohoni Understanding Vulnerabilities Due To Climate Change At A Micro-
  Download Report
Implementing Climate Resilience In Agriculture   Download Report
13 Nilanjana Lahiri Prof. Amit Arora Omega-6/Omega-3 Balanced RUTF For SAM Children   Download Report
Prof. Vishal Sardeshpande Prof. Amit Arora Micronutrient Balanced RUSF for Nursing Mothers   Download Report
14 Pratyush Chandan Mohanta Prof. N.G Shah
Prof. K.V Venkatesh
Food Metabolism And Malnutrition   Download Report
Developing RUSF For MAM Children.   Download Report
15 RAJAT SINGHAL Prof. Amit Arora
Prof. Milind V Rane
Biomass-Solar Hybrid Dryer For Dehydration Of Horticulture Produce   Download Report
Design And Development Of An Integrated Curing And Storage Structure For Onions.   Download Report
16 Shwetabh Singh Prof. Pennan Chinnasamy Suitability Of Downscale Climate Change Projections For Rural Water And Food Security Assessments.   Download Report
Assessment of Groundwater Resources Availability Under Climate
Change Projections In Madurai District
  Download Report
17 Siddhant Rai Prof. Pennan Chinnasamy Crowdsourcing And Mapping for Actionable Community Change   Download Report
Crowdsourcing Based Reporting of Disease Outbreaks Using
Datamining As A Tool
  Download Report
18 Sudhanshu Kulkarni Dr. Milind A. Sohoni Demand-Supply of Public Transport And Service Provisioning By Taluka Bus Depot From Development Perspective   Download Report
GIS Framework For Taluka Bus
Transportation Analysis And Provisioning
  Download Report
19 Suveena Doddalingannavar Prof. Satish B. Agnihotri Evidence Based District Level Planning For Elimination Of Malnutrition Among Tribal And Non-Tribal Children Central Belt Of India   Download Report
Framework For Enhancing Maternal
Nutrition Of Tribal Mothers In Maharashtra.
  Download Report
Critical Evaluation Of Onion Storage Structures In India   Download Report
Prof Bakul Rao Developing A Framework For Identification Of Best Practices Of Convergence Under SAGY And SPMRM   Download Report
21 Puja Roy Prof. Satish B. Agnihotri Effectiveness Of PLS Regression In Prioritising Regional Action Points For Tackling Child Malnutrition   Download Report