Analyzing Climate Change Action Plans At National, State And District Levels

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M. Tech Project -I (TD 695)
Environment Sustainability & Natural Resource Management
Climate Change is singularly the largest natural phenomenon confronting mankind in today’s times and its impacts are being felt all over the world. Prolonged periods of draught, floods and extreme weather events are becoming recurring events with people at bottom 80% being the ones most affected by climate unpredictability and change. To counter this phenomenon, efforts have been mobilized globally. India, as part of its international commitments, has come up with a national action plan on climate change and Indian States have followed with various state action plans on climate change. These plans apart from targeting adaptation and mitigation for climate change can also be seen as instruments of sustainable development planning. It is with this approach we try to analyze these plans to derive insights from them which can help towards better understanding of these plans along with helping us understand our level of preparation. The focus in this analysis will be on sectors most vulnerable to climate change – agriculture, forests and coasts which provide livelihood to a majority Indians.