The emergence and spread of farm ponds in Maharashtra: A boon or menace?

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M. Tech Project -I (TD 695)
Environment Sustainability & Natural Resource Management
Maharashtra has faced frequent droughts in recent years and there is enough of uncertainty and vagaries in rainfall. This has led to lower agricultural productivity and contributed to the agrarian crisis in rainfed region of Maharashtra where there is no source of irrigation. This study is in accordance of the broader concern of ‘need of livelihood security for rainfed farmers’. Farm pond intervention is considered as one of the most suitable solution to address this concern by agricultural scientists and technologists. At the same time intervention is been criticized for existing farm pond practices. Hence, this study attempts to understand different perspectives of farm ponds from technology angle, government policy, criticisms of the practices and farmer’s view point. This is an attempt to look at the farm pond intervention from holistic view without taking any of the sides of the existing views of different stakeholders.