Study Of Sanitation And Child Nutrition Linkage At National And State Levels

Name of Student: 
Prof. N. C. Narayanan
Project Type: 
M. Tech Project -I (TD 695)
Health & Nutrition
The present report explores the linkage between percentage of improved sanitation and undernutrition with a focus on stunting. It also emphasises that health for all cannot be achieved with poor sanitation leading to undernutrition. The report analyses the compounding impact of population density and female literacy and its linkage with sanitation and undernutrition. With the high population density and low female literacy prevalence of stunting was found to be more in rural districts of India. Analysis has shown that there could be an inflexion point in female literacy near to 75.01 after which an increase in it could result in sharp decline of stunting. A multivariate regression analysis of the data from 344 rural districts from states of high rates of stunting in India was performed. A strong correlation was found between stunting and percentage of improved sanitation. The report also explores the merits of analysis and intervention of the above linkage at the district/ panchayat level. Literature involving pathways and evidence associated with percentage improved sanitation stunting along with triangular relationship between WASH, undernutrition and poverty was also reviewed. A review of literature brought in the economic angle of the linkage with the cost of inadequate sanitation amounting to 6.4 % of India’s GDP with 70 % of the losses due to diarrhoea related problems.