Varying effect of head on pump efficiencies and exploring technical solutions

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M. Tech Project -I (TD 695)
Electricity subsidies have played a critical role in the expansion of irrigation, especially groundwater irrigation. But it is also one of the major reasons for the poor quality and service of power in agriculture sector. It is clearly seen how the actions of farmers and the power utilities are inter dependable and how they are forming a viscous cycle. To come out from this cycle a proper intervention has to happen especially in irrigation pumping as major part of electricity in agriculture sector is being consumed by pumps. Other major issue that has to be addressed is, oversizing of pumps. This is mainly done because of unreliability in power and in an attempt of meeting the greatest output demand. These both problems can be resolved if a solution can be brought out which can make the pump run at its best efficiency point across the seasons (throughout the year during pumping period). In this study an attempt has been made to calculate the possible energy savings if the pump is made to run at its best efficiency. It also includes some of the methods that can help to attain this best efficiency condition out of which the possibility of using a VFD is studied further.