As an important pillar of the UBA program, the National Steering Committee (NSC-UBA) has created a number of Subject Expert Groups (SEGs) to provide inputs on different aspects of the program. Most of the SEGs have their focus on the needs of specific sectors i.e. Agriculture, Water, Rural Energy, and so on. One of the SEGs has been given the task to work on "Capacity Building and Change of Ethos in Technical Institutions" and CTARA, IITB has been asked to steer the group.

The SEG’s mandate is to strengthen the UBA framework and enable UBA institutions to achieve the goals of the program. Broadly speaking, the key objectives of the SEG are-

  1. To create formal space within curricula, research and reporting for work in development areas.
  2. To create mechanisms for institutions to interact with regional agencies.
  3. To guide institutions on the conduct of development projects/case studies.


 Template for SEG (October 2016)

Activities and recommendations of the SEG (5th October 2016)

Development Engineering course outline (January 2020)

Interim report (April 2020)

Proposal guidelines (September 2020)

Presentation at launch of UBA 2.0  (25th April 2018)

Proposed workshop on Development Engineering (January 2020)

Food Production Case study (February 2021)

►Capacity building and change ethos in Technical Institutions (November 2018)