Principal investigator : 

Prof. Amit Arora

Prof. Upendra Bhandarkar

PI Department Name: 

Centre for Technology Alternatives for Rural Areas

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Associated NGO: 

Madhya Pradesh Vigyan Sabha (MPVS), Madhya Pradesh 

Project Description: 

Chironji is one of the NTFPs found in forest of Madhya Pradesh.  The Chironji kernel has high demand and is used in making variety of sweets and desserts.  The marginal communities living near jungles of Madhya Pradesh at present collect Chironji fruit and sell the seeds in local market without decortication.  If the same Chironji seeds are decorticated, the kernel obtained will fetch a very high price in the market (around Rs. 1000/Kg).  The NGO has designed a make-shift machine for decortication of Chironji seeds.  The project focuses on improving design of this Chironji decortication machine to make it more efficient.  The project is for benefit of marginal communities from Madhya Pradesh.

Project Status: 


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