Principal investigator : 

Prof. R. Sandesh

PI Department Name: 

Industrial Design Centre

Associated NGO: 

Centre for Bee Development (CBD), Wardha, Maharashtra

Project Description: 

The project focuses on designing a dress for protecting people who harvest honey from beehives in wilder.  This is will make the dress more convenient to wear and at the same time protect the person.

Center for Bee Development (CBD), an NGO based in Wardha is working exclusively for protection and conservation of wild bees.  They are promoting collection and harvesting of honey from beehives in jungles.  The wild bees especially ‘Apis Dorsata’ (one of the most ferocious wild bee species) can attack the harvester and injure him / her quite badly.  It is therefore necessary to wear a protective dress.  At present, CBD has designed a protective dress made of cotton but it has some problems as listed below:

a) Being made of cotton – it does not last long

b) The cap and the face net need an improved design

Project Status: