Principal investigator : 

Prof. R. Sandesh

PI Department Name: 

Industrial Design Centre

Associated NGO: 

Centre of Science for Villages (CSV), Wardha, Maharashtra

Project Description: 

Ambadi grows in almost all parts of our country.  It is an important crop in Vidarbha –Nagpur area of Maharashtra.  Several villages in Wardha region grow Ambadi as a crop. The villagers make juice of fleshy red calyces (the petal-like parts of a roselle), which is then used for making syrup. This syrup is sold in market.  Apart  from this extraction of fiber from Ambadi stem is also a salable component.  Removal of the calyx from Ambadi flower is tricky and is done manually. T his activity is full of drudgery hence the productivity is low.  Present project proposes to reduce the drudgery and improve productivity.

Project Status: