Principal investigator : 

Prof. Anand B. Rao

PI Department Name: 

Centre for Technology Alternatives for Rural Areas (CTARA)

Associated NGO: 

Suman Foundation, Dhule, Maharashtra

Promoters, Researchers & Innovators in New & Clean Energy (PRINCE), Dhule 

Project Description: 

During survey and public participation workshops organized by RuTAG at Dhule in Maharashtra, there were many field problems reported where rural technologies were needed to be developed. “Drying raw Mango” for making “Amchoor” was one of the problems on priority.  The project aims at developing low cost solution of solar drying which will be more hygienic and result in better quality of product in terms of color, aroma and taste.

  • Main objective is to design a solar dryer where the cost levels are less than Rs. 3000 per sqm level.
  • Another objective is to make the solar dryer modular so that one can increase or decrease the size.
  • We are aiming at keeping the design simple with respect to manufacturing techniques (fabrication) so that the technology can be disseminated to larger masses. 
Project Status: