Principal investigator : 

Prof. R. Sandesh

PI Department Name: 

Industrial Design Centre

Associated NGO: 

Lupin Foundations, Kudal, Maharashtra

Project Description: 

Huge quantities of coconut shells are produced in the ‘copra’ trade as well as by individual households.  The coastal and well as inland regions of Konkan, Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu are huge consumers of coconut.  This results in coconut shell production on a large scale. 

The project aims to deliver relevant inputs in technology and design, the project has potential for generating livelihood opportunities for groups in rural regions. This project would require training and capacity building in the community/group to achieve best results.  The objective is also to use coconut shell creatively, engage the groups with training and capacity building for making aesthetically appealing accessories.  Thereby, espousing craft based rural livelihood.

Industrial Design Center (IDC) of IIT Bombay was involved with artisans working with Coconut shell products during student internship in Uravu, at Waynad in Kearala.  

Project Status: