Principal investigator : 

Prof. Suhas Joshi

Prof. Bakul Rao

PI Department Name: 

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Centre for Technology Alternatives for Rural Areas

Associated NGO: 

Grameen Shramik Pratishthan, Latur, Maharashtra

Project Description: 

Saree winding & cutting machine has been developed by RuTAG IIT Bombay to improve the productivity and safety of winding and cutting sarees to make ribbons which are used to weave mats by blind women.  Grameen Shramik Pratishthan, Latur was using a hand held cutter for cutting and manually winding the sarees.  Due to the technological intervention by IITB, productivity of an average blind person has doubled and safety factor has improved substantially, compared to earlier method of processing (manual operation).

Project Status: 


Project Photo: