Principal investigator : 

Prof. Upendra Bhandarkar & Prof. Milind Rane

Prof. Shireesh  Kedare

PI Department Name: 

Department of Mechanical Engineering

 Department of Energy Science & Engineering

Associated NGO: 

Center for Social Action (CSA), Mumbai

Project Description: 

When fishermen go for fishing in the sea, they have to carry 800 to 1000 kg of ice on the trawler for preservation of fish.  This practice is not only inconvenient but also expensive and it reduces fish load carrying capacity of trawler.  Apart from this, there is also additional cost of diesel associated with it.  The proposed system will use engine exhaust heat of the trawler for Vapor Absorption Refrigeration (VAR) resulting in cooling of the trawler’s fish hold.  The proposed machine is expected to reduce the amount of ice to be carried onboard to about half (initially).  The system will also generate potable water (as a by-product) which will solve the problem of getting clean drinking water onboard.  This proposed intervention will not disturb the conventional method of fish handling and preservation using ice.  It will enable reduced usage of ice and also co-produce potable water in an energy efficient environment friendly manner.

Project Status: