Principal investigator : 

Prof. Narendra Shah

PI Department Name: 

Centre for Technology Alternatives for Rural Areas

Associated NGO: 

Shree Laxmi Rural Technologies Alternatives Charitable Society 

Project Description: 

Jaggery production is a small-scale village industry in Maharashtra (predominantly Kolhapur area) largely characterized by its ‘unorganized” feature. Liquid jiggery (kakvi) is made in small quantities and sold on a restricted scale without using smart packaging materials and methods, making the product unhygienic and ‘clumsy’ looking. Typical capacity of jaggery making unit is about 1-3 Ton/day and ‘liquid jaggery’ by a single producer is made in small quantum of about 1.5 tons in a season of ~ 6 months. The objective of the project was to review production, processing and packaging aspects of making ‘liquid jaggery’ to help establish a branded product that will improve financial sustenance of jaggery units.

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