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Medical studies have shown that physiological data streams have a lot of potential to reveal early signs of the onset of critical conditions within the pediatric population. Traditional data warehouses provide analysts with fast and easy access to data gathered from operational data sources to support decision making. However Traditional data warehouses have their own limitation with frequency of extraction from data sources. Traditional data warehouses do not support real time analysis of streaming data such as physiological data. Big data analytics uses analytical techniques to process big data with the help of data storage, analysis and visualization technologies. Within healthcare domain Big data analytics can be used to identify previously unnoticed patterns in patients physiological data streams. Cloud computing infrastructures can serve as an effective platform to address both the computational and data storage needs of big data analytics applications. Cloud based analytics-as-a-service tools provide real-time Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS) capabilities.

Dr. Meghana Bastwadkar

Jain University

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Dr. Meghana has completed her B.E(Bachelor of Engineering) in Industrial Electronics from Mumbai University and Masters in advanced in Advanced Information Technology from London South Bank University, London and recently pursued PhD(Computer Science) with Jain University, Bangalore, India, area of research being Big Data in Health care. The framework that she designed would work as a CDSS (clinical decision support system within Rural NICU's in India). Her expertize lies is SQL,PL/SQL programming, Data mining, DBMS, Data Warehousing. She has done a certified course in Python.    Prior to this she has previously worked on Oracle 9iAS in America in Chicago (Schaumburg) as IT consultant with North America Chorus steel IT department. She has worked with Mahindra British Telecom Pune, India as a software Engineer for 3 years and was sent to London to work with British Telecom on  an onsite client project in Colchester, London as an Oracle  backend developer which involved performance tuning.     
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Tuesday, August 24, 2021 - 17:30