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Though just around 120 years old, Film Industry has become a highly influential and sought after industry in the world. Now with the increased access to internet and advent of various social media and OTT platforms, the reach of films has further widened. Especially in a diverse country like India where many languages and culture coexist, films have played a major role in driving socio-political narrative of the nation. Film is derived from and for the society. Over the years, film has emerged from just being a means of entertainment to means of strong socio cultural influence. Film has that potential to bring profound change in social attitude and behavior. However, the innovation, experimentation and exploration of Film medium has been very limited. Through our Film titled "Road to Reform", we have tried to innovate and experiment something which had never been tried anywhere in the world before. Addressing one of the pertinent global issue with a unique experimentation in filmmaking was a huge challenge. Nevertheless, to our expectations and belief, the results turned out to be immensely satisfying and impactful. How film and performing arts combined together act as a psychological tool for significant human transformation is our topic of discussion. In this seminar, we will discuss about the journey of making the film “Road to Reform” and decode key take away points that is highly essential for an effective social intervention and reformation.

Swadhin Padhy

Academic Director at Ronkel Media Education & Research Institute. 

Chief Assistant Director and Production Head at Ronkel Brothers Production. 

Visiting Professor in the faculty of Art, Design and Media at Birmingham City University, UK

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Mr. Swadhin Padhy is an Alumnus of CTARA, IIT Bombay. He is currently the Academic Director at Ronkel Media Education & Research Institute. He is also the Chief Assistant Director and Production Head at Ronkel Brothers Production. He is also a Visiting Professor in the faculty of Art, Design and Media at Birmingham City University, UK. His recent film, “Road to Reform” where he was the Chief Assistant Director and Production Head, turned out to be a path breaking film in the history of World Cinema where the entire film was shot inside a real prison with real prisoners and prison officers as actors. The film received immense appreciation from bureaucrats all over the country and act as a strong catalyst for significant prison reformatory initiatives. Such is the impact of the film that to keep the poignant message of the film alive, the road in front of the Jaipur Central Jail has been named after the film. His previous project, an audiovisual titled, ‘Shradhanjali’ was made as a tribute to the martyrs of Indian Police Force which was to actualize the vision of our Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. Through Ronkel Institute, he and his team have constantly been involved in meticulous research work for building a system of innovative and an interactive course curriculum to empower the creative aspirants of the nation. Simultaneously through Ronkel Brothers Production, they always try to innovate and use cinema for humanitarian causes.

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Tuesday, August 17, 2021 - 17:30