Project Description: 

Prof. Ram Meghe Institute of Technology and Research (PRMIT&R) received work order regarding conduction of third party assessment of Jalyukta Shivar Abhiyan (JSA) works completed in Amravati district in the year 2016-17 and 2017-18 with the support of TDSC, IITB.  The tripartite agreement has made between the District Collector Amravati, PRMIT&R, Badnera and TDSC, IIT Bombay on September 2018. 

PRMIT&R has conducted study and third party assessment of JSA works for few villages in Amravati district under Unnnat Maharshtra Abhiyan(UMA). On the basis of their work and report, the institute got empanelment for conducting the third party assessment of JSA works. 

Execution steps: 

  • During 5th December to 11th December 2018, TDSC provided handhold and support to PRMIT&R before they actual start the assessment. Schedule is here
  • Assessment of works completed during JSA 2016-17 is going on 
Principal Investigator: 

Prof. Puru Kulkarni

Prof. Om Damani 


Ankita Prayag

Bhagyashri Patil 

Vishal Mishra 

Project Deliverables : 
  • Training for the assessment for all sample interventions with sharing of current assessment methodology 
  • Developing and verification of all processes, methodologies, data collection tools (ODK), etc. to be used for assessment, co-assessment for 10% of works as per the number of works as per the number of works as maybe mutually agreed between PRMIT&R and officials
  • Guidance and oversee of the final taluka reports with payment letters 
  • Any other guidance required for execution of the project based on mutual agreement in writing