Project Description: 

Yuva Mitra NGO in Sinnar taluka, Nashik district has carried out regeneration of existing British period Diversion based Irrigation Systems (DBI) on the river Devanadi through a grant from Tata Trust over the past two years. A Program, Technical and Institutional review of the same was carried out by Deloitte for Tata Trusts. The report was submitted in August 2016.

TDSC had shown an interest in carrying out a process review, utilization and impact assessment of the same, involving mapping, water flow estimations, beneficiary socio-economic analysis, etc. The main high-level priority recommendations by Deloitte are also on the same lines and thus, TDSC is once again proposed certain activities, to be jointly implemented by TDSC and Yuva-Mitra in the region and the project was executed between October 2016 and January 2017.


Objectives of engagement:

Implementing high priority technical recommendations from a review by Deloitte.

Impact assessment of DBI works already implemented.


Process review and recommendations for planning, design and implementation of future DBI works.

Principal Investigator: 
  • Prof Milind Sohoni, CSE
  • Prof Purushottam Kulkarni, CSE


  • Swapnil Jadhav, Ankita Prayag, and Mahesh Labade from TDSC
  • Gopal Chavan, Pooja Prasad and Hemant Belsare – PhD students at CTARA
  • Anish Hola – Mtech student at CTARA
  • TDSL students also worked on preliminary study in the area


Project Photo: 
Project Deliverables : 


mapping of river and DBI structures, command mapping, well monitoring and Socio-economic impact analysis survey in 2 villages.

Project Documents: 
  • Agreement and proposal for study with Yuva Mitra (pdf)
  • Relevant Data
  • TDSL report (pdf)
  • Anish MTech report stage 1 and stage 2 (pdf)
Project Outputs: