Project Description: 

The Parbhani Municipal Corporation engaged TDSC in 2014 to identify solutions to improve the service levels and energy efficiency of its existing water supply scheme. Parbhani is a city in Maharashtra with a population of over 300,000. The city's existing piped water supply scheme was under severe strain due to crippling pumping energy costs, substantial leakage and poor cost recovery. Parbhani's residents received piped water only once in 6-10 days. An augmentation scheme was being constructed to meet the additional water demand, and was scheduled to be operational in 2015.

Principal Investigator: 
  • Prof Purushottam Kulkarni, CSE


  •  Janhvi Doshi
  • Abhishek Sinha
  • Vikram Vijay
  • Interns from SGGSIE, Nandedalso worked on this project


Project Photo: 
Project Deliverables : 
  • Identification of major leakages and recommendations to improve energy efficiency and pump operations.
  • Help the PMC absorb the output of their implementation of the Maharashtra Sujal Nirmal Abhiyaan (MSNA) program, in which they hired a private consultant to conduct water and energy audits of the system.
Project Documents: 
  • April 2015: Public meeting at PMC office -- Minutes and attendees (pdf)
  • Proposal document by TDSC (pdf)
  • MOU between Parbhani Municipal Corporation and IIT Bombay (pdf)
  • Summary of MSNA outputs - TDSC internal presentation (pdf)
  • Output related to leakage detection
      • EPANET simulation files and input data
          • Simulation input -- elevations, layout, tank capacities etc (xlsx)
          • Simulations results (xlsx)
      • AC pipe layout identification -- Google Earth layers derived from Synergy's GIS data (kmz)

Project Outputs: 
  • June 2015: Updated Phase I report -- "Towards improving drinking water provisioning in Parbhani city" (pdf)
  • Parbhani final Report (pdf to be uploaded)
  • Parbhani ESR report (pdf to be uploaded)
  • Parbhani SWM report (pdf to be uploaded)