Value chain analysis of Mahua (Madhuca Indica) flower in Maharashtra

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M. Tech Project -II (TD 696)
Forest is a source of many things and many living organisms depend on it for their existence. It not only includes the animals but also the human beings who depend on it for timber, fruits and food. All these things impact the livelihood of forest dwelling people, mostly tribal population. They depend on it as their food source and also as their source of income. Products like bamboo, tendu leaves help them earn their livelihood by selling them. These are some of the only names known in general which are used in quite large amount by public so one can easily find the value chain of these forest based produce. But when it comes to the other non-timber forest produce, the linkages in chain disappear either due to illegal activity or being informal activity which makes it under studied, one such case is the mahua (Madhuca indica) flower. Despite being nutritive, it has not so good reputation in general and that is due to the taboo associated with it that is of being a liquor source. But in recent years, there have been new development in it. So, this report looks into the value chain of mahua flower across Maharashtra state which is getting used in different activities. How the different activities are impacting the value of mahua flower and their collectors and what are the reasons, hindering its movement away from liquor. Some laboratory level interventions were also made to make non-alcoholic product out of it.