M. Tech Student
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I graduated from IIT Kanpur as a Mechanical Engineer in 2017 and moved towards development sector. I am from Nagpur and did my schooling in Pune. I chose CTARA because from the start I have a knack for solving probems and CTARA gives me the right platform for it. I am interested in exploring the capabilities of various technologies like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for Social Good. I believe in today's era 'Data is the new Oil' and it has the potential to tackle some of the world's most challenging social problems. Currently I am working on developing a Decision Support System for farmers and decision makers of our country which could help them to monitor their crop in real time. This could help the farmers to manage their farms properly, increase their productivity and increase their profit. 


Appropriate Technology Intervention for Livelihood Improvement of Farmers

  • Interviewed 12 farmers to understand the increase in yield due to the change from chemical to organic fertiliser
  • Analyzed the intervention of TATA Powers CSR activities for farmers in Vadeshwar and Karjat 

Understanding Oil Well Design & Principles of Bit Hydraulics

  • Developed an application in VBA that can be used for selection of a drilling bit with optimum bit hydraulics
  • Reviewed emerging technology of drilling that can replace the conventional methodology of drilling 

Validation of Electrical Parameters of S-Line Busbar Trunking System

  • Organized data concerning the Busbar designs of various competitors into user-friendly, easy to analyze format 
  • Proposed an iterative method to create a generic design model which can be utilized for future needs 

Home Equity Private Limited, WhatsLoan, Bangalore

  • Worked on the development of UI/UX of the Android Application and Web application using Android SDK
  • Researched on optimisation of the Android application and integrated Google Analytic in the application