M. Tech Student
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English, Hindi, Marathi, Konkani 

After completing BTech in Civil Engineering, to further obtain knowledge in Rural water sector I’m pursuing my Masters, and I’m eager to apply my learnings on challenging ground reality situations 

Field stay at Kaleshri Village in Raigad District | Prof. Subodh Wagle | [May 2019 - July 2019]
  • Conducted mixed-methods study of 70+ households as a part of field work of 63 days in Kaleshri village
  • Analysed 9 sectors which included village profile, demographics, agriculture, energy, water supply, sanitation, public infrastructure, education and GP Personnel committe
Understanding of water collection method by the villagers in the water scarce month | Prof. Subodh Wagle | [May 2019 - July 2019]
  • Ethnographic detailed study of water collection and usage by one household to understand the ways in which the family deals with water scarcity using methods such as semi-structured interviews and participant as well as non - participant observations
  • Compared water usage pattern of a rural household during water scarce month and during monsoon
  • Data analysis and presentation of the findings with help of display matrix
Understanding of a technology from women’s perspective | Prof. Subodh Wagle | [May 2019 - July 2019]
  • Conducted qualitative study to construct women’s understanding of stitching technology and it's usage by means of interaction with different women in a village
  • Understood their mental models of usage of a technology - sewing machine
  • Presented the findings with the help of cognitive maps and display matrix.
Feasibility of water storage structure in Kaleshri village | Prof. Subodh Wagle | [May 2019 - July 2019]
  • Studied the prevailing rainwater collection technique in the village
  • Analysed and proposed different alternatives for the non-monsoon water demand at household level
  • Carried out the cost – benefit analysis of the proposed alternatives at the household level 
Appropriate Technology intervention for livelihood improvement of farmers | [December 2018]
  • Interviewed 12 farmers to understand the increase in yield due to change from chemical to organic fertilizers
  • Analysed the intervention of TATA Power CSR activities for farmers in Vadeshwar and Karjat
CANALPY – Canal Rejuvenation Project | [December 2018]
  • Carried 30+ household surveys for data collection on waste management in Alleppey on ODK collect
  • Highlighted areas where instant intervention were required for waste management.