M. Tech Student
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English, Marathi, Hindi, German (learning)

Field Work, Choravane, Khed, Ratnagiri | NGO: Rural Communes and NABARD | [May 19 - Jul'19]
1. Potential Livelihood and Business Opportunities for Women SHGs | Prof. Narendra Shah | CTARA-IIT-B 
  • Rejuvenated the finger millet cultivation and stimulated value addition business in a village in Ratnagiri district with 4 SHGs (49 members) and 14 farmers.
  • Mobilized more than 50 villagers by executing PRA and capacity building workshops. Constructed a business model for SHGs in the village based on techno-economic analysis and suggested future opportunities to increase the scale of operations.
2. Assessment of Opportunities for Effective Utilization of Spring Water | Prof. Narendra Shah | CTARA-IIT-B 
  • Analyzed the change in water usage pattern over 50 years, identified current design problems, geotagged the stand-posts, storage tank, rising and supply mains and recommended effective spring water utilization method for a population of 1147 for 120 LPCD considering springs having 300 Ha catchment area.
  • Feasibility study was done to integrate spring water with existing tap water system for 6 months period in order to reduce the financial losses to Gram Panchayat and provided technical solution to local NGO for conflict resolution about scheme implementation in the village based on elevation profile study and fetching radius of 50 and 100 m.
3. Analysis of Soil Health Cards | Prof. Narendra Shah | CTARA-IIT-B
  • Scrutinized the implementation of National Mission for sustainable agriculture scheme in the village, reviewed 356 soil health cards and identified lacunas at different governance levels.
  • Demonstrated soil sampling method to more than 50 farmers and created awareness about benefits of soil testing.