M. Tech Student
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QGIS, Minitab, CATIA, Open Street Map, and KOBO collect, Open LCA, Vensim

Marathi, Hindi, English  

Barriers to the dissemination of technology from the research institute
  • Reviewed literature to define stakeholder in technology dissemination and different barriers in dissemination
  • Studied case study of barriers in dissemination of biogas technology under National Biogas and Manure Management Program (NBMMP) of the ministry of new and renewable energy.
Field Work / Internship Rural immersion program in the tribal village of Dang, Gujrat | NGO – AKRSP | Buddha Fellowship 
  • Stayed with one of the poorest families of the tribal village Waidhun, taluka Ahwa in the Dang district of Gujarat to conduct an anthropogenic study. Evaluated and critiqued works done by the NGO in the village.

  • Need identification for improving employment opportunities in tribal settings.

  • Assessing opportunities for organically grown millet Nagali, through primary value addition with the of SHGs

Designed the micro-irrigation system for marginal farmer | Jain irrigation Systems limited 
  • Studied technical aspect of all required components for micro irrigation system

  • Identified modifications in the existing process of design and presented.

  • Studied optimize design of micro-irrigation

Rural Field Stay, Palaskhel, Atpadi, Sangli| NGO - SPK | work on the following topic 1- Village research of Palaskhel village 
  • Stayed in the Village Palaskhel, Taluka Atpadi of Sangli district and carried out Village research for 1310 population. Included Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) activities with Villagers of Palaskhel, Household Survey using KOBO Collect which covered Agriculture, Water, Education, Sanitation, Health, Migration, Energy and Government Schemes

2-Mapping of Soil variation of Palaskhel village and assessment of soil health card scheme 
  •  Mapped soil variation of Palaskhel village for 1400 ha area in 10 days with a participatory approach.

  •  Gathered agriculture-related data using KOBO Toolbox a form and digitalized map using QGIS.

  •  Studied Soil health card scheme’s result and Critiqued on implementation and discrepancy in the result on the government portal.

  •  Impact – Presented to Chairperson of Doubling Farmer Income committee and extended to Master’s thesis

3-Analysis of Farmer Diary and tapping its potential for the decision support system 
  • Used Microsoft Excel for data analysis of the data extracted from a diary written by a farmer of Sangli district

  • Set different Social, Cultural, Ecological and Economic parameters and their Indicators to make inferences from the data recorded. Prepared visual representations of the data based on the parameters selected for analyzing trends and patterns in the farmers' life to help in decision support.

  •  Impact- Converted in master’s thesis to work for a framework for digitalization of diary Village